Show 145: Director of the Maine Chapter of the Sierra Club Glen Brand

Glen Brand is a Florida transplant who was brought to Maine for love (which is a great reason to come to Maine!). He has been working with the Sierra Club since 1998 and has headed up the Maine chapter since 2012. The main focus of the Club is to “explore, enjoy, and protect the environment.” It was founded in California as a “hiking club” with the goal to conserve and dedicate land for outdoor exploration. Continue reading

Show 144: Associate Director of PSL/STRIVE Pete Brown & “Best of” ESPN NASCAR Analyst Ricky Craven

Pete Brown was born and raised in Maine and now he’s working to make it a better place for young adults with developmental disabilities. He’s been working with PSL, the agency that supports the STRIVE program, since 1998. Now, as the Program Director, Brown oversees the ever-growing program list for the agency’s ~900 clients. Continue reading

Show 143: Director of UMaine Climate Institute Paul Andrew Mayewski

Paul Andrew Mayewski is a scientist, an educator, an explorer, and a climatologist. Born in Scotland, Mayewski was raised and educated in New York and has been working as a scientist and climatologist ever since. He has been the Director of the UMaine Climate Institute since 2000. Continue reading

Show 142: Portland City Councilman Jon Hinck

Portland City Councilman Jon Hinck has had an interesting career leading up to his current position. He has been a lawyer, a legislator, an Attorney General in the Republic of Palau, a director for Greenpeace USA and Greenpeace International, and now he’s working in local government. Among his other interests and passions, he is currently focused on the minimum wage issue in Portland and how to attack the budget challenges, the city’s high property taxes, and making Portland more enjoyable for walkers and bikers. Continue reading

Show 141: Portland School Board Member Holly Seeliger

Holly Seeliger is a woman of many passions. She is a political blogger, a producer of burlesque shows, an activist, an environmentalist, and the District Two representative for the Portland School Board. She is a product of Maine’s public schools: she grew up and graduated from North Berwick’s schools and earned a Political Science degree from the University of Southern Maine. She is a big believer that in order to enact change, we must “think globally; act locally.” Continue reading

Show 140: Director of Maine Office of Tourism Carolann Ouellette

You would think that the Director of Tourism in Maine would be a native Mainer, but maybe it’s more fitting that it’s someone who experienced Maine as a tourist first. Carolann Ouellette is “from away,” but was recently profiled as one of “50 Mainers Boldly Leading Our State” in Maine Magazine. She grew up in New Jersey and summered in Maine. She graduated from Cornell’s Hotel Administration program and moved to Maine to become the owner/chef of a restaurant in Jackman. Her passion for the outdoors (skiing, snowmobiling, fishing, hiking, etc.) has taken her all the way to her current position: Director of the Maine Office of Tourism. Continue reading

Show 139: President & CEO of Camden National Bank Greg Dufour

Greg Dufour was born and raised in the Old Town area. He jokes that he spent most of his life in college as his father taught at UMaine Orono and went to preschool on campus. After graduating UMO with a Business/Finance degree, he and his wife decided that there was more to life than Old Town and they moved to Texas so Greg could get his MBA. Like many Mainers, he realized after graduation that there’s no place like Maine and they moved back immediately and Dufour started working for Fleet Bank. Continue reading

Show 138: CEO of Maine Center for Graduate Professional Studies Eliot Cuter

Eliot Cutler has a long, storied political career. He worked for decades in Washington, DC under Senator Muskie and continued to his work in DC overseeing policies and budgets for multiple agencies. After two gubernatorial campaigns in Maine, Cutler is taking on a new project: creating a professional graduate center that will combine the UMaine Law program, the USM and UMaine Orono MBA programs, and the USM Muskie School of Public Service. Continue reading

Show 137: Author of “The Precipice” Paul Doiron

Paul Doiron has always wanted to be a writer. He was born and raised in Southern Maine and like a lot of young people, he felt like he had to “get out.” After some traveling and working and experiences, he ended up back in Maine, like a lot of young people, at his parent’s house. Being back in Maine reminded him what he enjoyed the most growing up: the outdoors and writing. Continue reading

Show 136: Entrepreneur, Owner of MaineToday Media Reade Brower

Reade Brower recently purchased MaineToday Media, but he never actually offered to buy it. When he couldn’t even land a job shoveling snow at Camden Snow Bowl, Brower decided it was time to make it on his own. His entrepreneurial journey started selling coupon books for local businesses and now he’s the owner of Maine’s largest publication: MaineToday Media and the Portland Press Herald. Continue reading