Show 138: CEO of Maine Center for Graduate Professional Studies Eliot Cuter

Eliot Cutler has a long, storied political career. He worked for decades in Washington, DC under Senator Muskie and continued to his work in DC overseeing policies and budgets for multiple agencies. After two gubernatorial campaigns in Maine, Cutler is taking on a new project: creating a professional graduate center that will combine the UMaine Law program, the USM and UMaine Orono MBA programs, and the USM Muskie School of Public Service. Continue reading

Show 137: Author of “The Precipice” Paul Doiron

Paul Doiron has always wanted to be a writer. He was born and raised in Southern Maine and like a lot of young people, he felt like he had to “get out.” After some traveling and working and experiences, he ended up back in Maine, like a lot of young people, at his parent’s house. Being back in Maine reminded him what he enjoyed the most growing up: the outdoors and writing. Continue reading

Show 136: Entrepreneur, Owner of MaineToday Media Reade Brower

Reade Brower recently purchased MaineToday Media, but he never actually offered to buy it. When he couldn’t even land a job shoveling snow at Camden Snow Bowl, Brower decided it was time to make it on his own. His entrepreneurial journey started selling coupon books for local businesses and now he’s the owner of Maine’s largest publication: MaineToday Media and the Portland Press Herald. Continue reading

Show 135: Former “Survivor” Contestant Dan Foley

It’s been almost a year since Dan Foley was in Nicaragua filming “Survivor: Worlds Apart.” It’s only been a couple weeks since the finale of the season premiered live from Los Angeles. Foley managed to compete for the million dollar prize for 35 of the 39 days. He was voted out when he was the sixth remaining person vying for the title. Foley recently joined Stevoe for a phone interview to discuss what it’s like “behind the scenes” of “Survivor: Worlds Apart.” Continue reading

Show 134: Owner of the Maine Red Claws Bill Ryan

Bill Ryan Jr. joined Stevoe again recently to talk Red Claws and sports marketing. Ryan has always had an interest in sports and seized the opportunity to be involved early in his career. He is also partially responsible for bringing the NBA D-League Maine Red Claws to Portland. Continue reading

Show 133: Executive Director of the Maine Turnpike Authority Peter Mills

Peter Mills joined Stevoe for an interview on the Friday leading into Memorial Day weekend and it wasn’t all shop talk. Mills discussed his time in the Navy spying on the Soviets and how his ship was one of the first in the world to utilize GPS. He and Stevoe also discussed some international politics and the history of the Maine Turnpike. Continue reading

Show 132: Dean Designate of UMaine Law Danielle Conway

Danielle Conway has wanted to be a lawyer since high school. She was so passionate about the idea, that she inspired her mother to take night classes to study law herself. Conway’s journey took her from her hometown of Philadelphia to Howard University and NYU for her education, as well as George Washington University. While she was a student at Howard she was taught by people who “looked like her” for the first time. This gave her the confidence to be a leader in her community. It was at GWU where she fell in love with the idea of teaching and sharing knowledge. Continue reading

Show 131: President of Unity College Stephen Mulkey

Stephen Mulkey never meant to work in education, let alone become the president “America’s Environmental College.” He comes from the Midwest where his parents never thought about going to college. He now has three degrees, has done scientific research around the world, and is leading over 600 students to be leaders in sustainable ecology, all from a small town in central Maine. Continue reading

Show 130: Co-Founder and CEO of RockStep Solutions, Inc. Chuck Donnelly

Chuck Donnelly is from away (New Jersey, to be exact), but vacationed in Maine growing up. In 2000 he accepted a job at Jackson Laboratory and has been here ever since. He is now the CEO of RockStep Solutions, Inc., where they are creating a ground-breaking Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that they call CLIMB (Cloud Information Management Bundle). Continue reading

Show 129: General Manager of the State Theatre Lauren Wayne and “Best of” The Mallett Brothers Band

We recently welcomed back to the show Portland’s “musical high priestess”, Lauren Wayne. She is the General Manager of the State Theatre and Port City Music Hall in Portland. Wayne is the talent buyer and marketing guru for both venues and has booked some big acts you can expect to see in Portland soon. Continue reading